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After 18 years full of varied entrepreneurial ventures with her husband, founder Anna Pollard realised she desired to create a passion project for herself; an authentic business that was close to her heart, one that she could tune to her own creativity and values.


She listened to the flicker of energy burning inside and began a journey of self discovery which took her to candles and the birth of Ember & Eden. As the simple act of lighting a candle sets a mood and changes the direction of the moment, Anna was doing this for herself. 


The vision for Ember & Eden was to produce a different candle from the rest, more than a candle with a label, a ‘statement candle’ of beauty underpinned by individuality, creativity and soul.


So Anna set about to create the unique candles of Ember & Eden. Candles with depth and meaning through their design. Candles that could be interior pieces in their own right, casting a light far beyond the glow of the flame.


Working in collaboration with a UK based artist & world leading fragrance houses, Anna created the signature collection of Ember & Eden, combining the beauty of colour, symbols and design with the power of exquisite, luxury scent. 


The fine bone china candle vessels showcase the symbols, pattens & colour Anna loves, along with handpicked fragrances full of luxury fragrance and essential oils, all handmade in England.

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